Image building

The exercise of image building starts with evaluating the status understanding the current perception for the brand in general and publics specific its followed by deciding the image to be build or need of alteration and activities involved to do so the data collected forms to be the basis of the analysis of the image

Crisis management

Every company should be prepared for the inevitable public relations crisis – data breach, executive scandal, negative review, failed event, badly planned marketing campaign. Yep, it happens to us all. Hit by a PR crisis, you’ll need a fast and carefully crafted response. We’re talking damage limitation, folks. It’s about protecting your brand reputation.

Media monitoring

With today’s 24/7 news cycle and always on digital channels you need to monitor everything that pertains to your industry –all of the time. Why? Monitoring can help you:

  • Improving messaging by understanding which messages resonate with your customers
  • Recognize and capitalize trends in your industry as they crop up
  • Adjust campaigns as they happen especially if your messaging isn’t resonating with the right audiences
  • Attribute value by better mapping campaigns to specific business objectives

Media communication

 There are two types of communications in PR:Controlled & uncontrolled. It’s essential to use both types of communication. You’re in charge of the final product – from what it consists of to the timing of when you release it. Controlled communication allows you to create precise messages that help reach your company’s objectives. Uncontrolled communication comes from the news media and publicity. It consists of messages about your company originating from media outlets (both mass and specialized) and includes feature stories, captioned photos, news conferences, PSAs and letters to the editor.

Press releases and conferences

A press conference is a way to announce a new product or service, a new invention, a new medical cure, or other news in your business. It’s usually led by a company or by the point person of an executive management team. A press conference is a meeting in which the media and other representatives from related companies assemble, such as an official announcement. Publishing more press releases more often is a good way to improve your brand’s image.